Toughbook CF-19

Product Development

Taking a technology product from concept to market requires vision, energy, and experience. From premise to prototype to production, we have the technical expertise to get you there by following our six step system.

This process has proven itself effective to bring products to market. Let H3T LLC leverage its product development experience to focus your vision and direct your energy toward success.

Software Development

Focusing primarily on Android™, Linux™, and UNIX™ systems, the ability to development clean, functional, and maintainable code is critical.

Leveraging the strength of Free and Open Source Software allows work to be done faster and with fewer issues relating to tools and libraries.

Using popular languages like C/C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, and Perl H3T LLC can take your specifications and deliver code on time, on spec, and on budget.

System Engineering

From embedded systems to cloud-scale architectures, nothing is more valuable than a deep understanding of the relationships between hardware, operating systems, and networks.

Starting with a focus on repeatable process and leveraging appropriate tools, proper engineering requires all aspects of system development, installation, deployment, and support to meet industry standards and customer expectations.

H3T LLC has the depth of experience to support the full-range of system engineering challenges.

Audio / Video Engineering

The emergence of digital tools and technologies has changed the industry. We provide a full range of support from live performances to working in cutting-edge recording studios.

In the past a slide show might cut it, but today clients expect high definition video, sweeping soundscapes, and seemless transitions to communicate their ideas effectively.

Our Services range from integrating sound and video technology, A/V system training and support, and managing complex licensing in the digital age to showcase your company and products at industry tradeshows, live venues, or for key clients.

Technology Consulting

Technology continues to change and evolve at ever faster pace. Having a partner help identify solutions to your specific problems can completely turn a business around.

Business operations can be crippled without systems to track issues, plan for hardware and software refresh cycles, monitor for security issues.

Tools aren't always a solution by themselves, but being able to spot bottlenecks in process, work flow, and management can show where tools can help streamline operations.

Core Competencies