Quick Solutions

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When time is critical, experience makes the difference. H3T LLC engineers been working on government systems and programs in areas such as simulation and training, data analysis, or systems integration for over a decade. Let us add our skills to your team to speed up development and meet critical milestones.

Deep Experience

Working in Central Florida's Research Park for over a decade, the engineers at H3T LLC know the kinds of issues technology companies face. Some problems are purely technical, but other times it takes a deeper understanding of the specific issues faced by government contractors. Let our expertise provide the leadership and connections required for success.

Proven Success

The H3T LLC engineering team has provided critical research and development on many key products. Whether it is writing SBIR proposals, developing functional prototypes, or bringing products to market, the engineering talent at H3T LLC has proven it has what it takes to succeed. Let us be a part of your success.